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Some key features of Newstead Academy Child Care Centre:


Learning Environment

Large play spaces designed to enhance your child’s senses and brain development whilst teaching children to respect and appreciate their environment. 

Modern, play-based early learning resources where the center will feature an Interactive Whiteboard, Learning Touch Table, in-house theater and more. We also have a large variety of natural, wooden toys available for all ages. 


Our Curriculum

Newstead balances learning, fun and rest with inside and outside physical activities to keep your children’s interest and excitement for knowledge at a high level. Our curriculum has been designed to engage your child across intellectual, emotional, physical and social levels of learning and development.


Nutritious and Meals

Nutritious menus have been designed by nutritionist and dietitian, all meals been freshly  prepared and cooked on site, Newstead to ensure your child receives a nourishing, balanced diet. Children have their meals in separate large dining hall.

Newstead Academy Interior Design Concept


Interior Concept

Just as the exterior playground was inspired by the old growth forests of Wakimika Triangle, the Interior Design of Newstead Daycare will allow

children to explore natural features of the landscape of northern Ontario. Each area of programme will provide a different environment based the spacial experience of natural areas within the park. Kids will be given the opportunity to engage with and learn about the parks’ natural landmarks, conservation and cultural heritage. The daycare will be divided into the following areas:







Individual classrooms will be named after wildlife species from the park. These names both help to reinforce the concept, create a sense of place

and help with way-finding for staff, parents, and children.Say something interesting about your business here.


Entrance,& Lobby Reception

FOREST EDGE - Entrance, & Lobby Reception The FOREST EDGE is where children will be dropped-off by their parents, and be introduced

to the learning environment of Wakimika forest. The ceiling baffle design will create a curved canopy above the reception desk that will direct circulation towards the supervisor office on the east side of the room, and down the hallway towards classrooms on the north side. The shape of the ceiling design is inspired by the tree canopy of old growth red and white pine trees in the Wakimika Forest Stand. Through over 370 years of growth the trees have curved and bended through winds and the canopy of other trees to reach the best sunlight. The curved movement of ancient trees have been expressed in the work of the Group of Seven painters in the Canadian North. (See

Inspirational Image)


Outdoor Playground

The idea was to create four unique spaces, each of which would creatively and artistically represent one of the four elements. The ‘fire’ area alludes to fire-licked land with the stacked ‘charred’ logs, ideal as a class meeting place or outdoor classroom.  The ‘wind’ area features tall grasses that children can see, hear and feel as they move in the breeze. The ‘water’ area is the most literal of the elements – water for play can be controlled by the children using a hand pump in the sand zone where they can build and create on the water table or in the outdoor kitchen.  

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